Things you can see on a Bike

TYCSOAB (a diabetics journal) is an ode to bike packing across the south west from Bath to Dawlish on a week in June 2017. The accompanying text is part diary extract and part information about the challenges that type 1 diabetes can pose during activities like this. The ride was a success and we want to celebrate this by dispelling stigma’s of type 1 diabetes and shout about what we can do.

The photographs taken on the fly sit next to shots of rolling hills portraying the spirit of adventure that leads us to Devon.

Having previously fallen for the dreamy textures of Risograph, we decided this project would be enhanced by the imperfect aesthetic of Riso printing. We can’t wait to see the final result from our friends at 16Tonne Press in Bristol.

“The spirit of adventure led us to Devon where we climbed more hills’ than I could imagine, towing from our seat posts the days supplies of sweet treats and fluids, plus the just incase stash that us Type 1’s have to consider.”

A5, 8 page booklet 160gsm, Risograph printed Neon Pink and Black ink.

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