Johns Railway

John’s Railway started as a project documenting the construction of a miniature railway and became a portrait of a person who’d lived a dynamic compasionate life.

“A twinge of anger occurs when the word ‘hobby’ is spoken. The idea that you have ‘spare time’ or that you choose to pass time doing something of no value is insulting. One mans trash.

Instead I’d rather cele- brate these recreational endeavors and seek the stories of the individuals that pursue them.

Getting to know John over these two years has been life affriming. Documenting the developments of his railway from a single bed sized model, to his bed moving to the lounge in order to make way for the outwards, then upwards expansions.

John has become a collector, his living room burns red with memorabilia and articles of Liverpool FC, the mural reads never to forget April 1989.

A decorated competitive cyclist John boasts a mileage many times the worlds circumference. Many of his endurance accolades suffered to raise money for charities, including 400 miles in one day to raise money for cancer research. I have acquired a wealth of cycling tips from John.

The stories shared over a biscuit and tea have humored, saddened and inspired me. Johns mantra embraces lifes tran- sience even when pummeled with lemons; just keep moving. “

book spec 130mm x 190mm 20pp booklet 120gsm recycled paper pages with 160gsm cover.

Now available in shop.

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