Recently I had 6 rolls of film developed ( 5 x black and white and 1 x colour). They had been in a basket of stuff amounting until I had the money or time to do it. It may have been quicker more economic to develop them as I finished them, but I rarely work like this. Bulk developing is my way. I like it.

The changing environments around me are much more apparent when presented in bulk, affirming  my visual discourse as a valuable endeavour. Often arriving at a time of self doubt, bulk 35mm scans present documents of change that catalogue the passing of time, a revelation which excites me.

I have been photographing the development of Bath for over 6 years, an intermittent project evolving from curious conversations on ‘what this used to be?’, motivated by my urge to archive the impermanence of a city. These images were shot between Jan 2017 – March 2018.




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