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Bristols comic book and zine fair was a lot of fun! To my left sat Leeds based Happy Otter Zines, whose zines comment humorously on intricacies and their social relevance. To my right sat one half of Bristolian illustration and design specialists Pirrip, with many offerings including badges, stationary, pocket sized zines and an incredible hardback book of illustration and writings on climate change.

The fair was so busy that I only had time for a quick scan of the stalls, amounting to less swag than usual, but I did spy many incredible printed goods amidst a diverse crowd of fashions. To name a few there was the table of Millertown, which drew me in with his army of pebbles painted with faces and idiosyncratic satirical illustrations. OOMK offered artwork and zines published by women of colour telling stories of activism, identity and spirituality often not represented in mainstream media. Progressive thinking portrayed via characterful illustration and design was covered by Beneficial Shock! Magazine.

For the punters there were drop in workshops hosted by the BCZF crew, a talk on the history of comics and zines, and a short film screening.

I find art and zine fairs so inspiring as I discover so many people like me. Illustrators, photographers, designers, writers, activists, librarians, baristas, teachers- all usually hunched over a desk, at the mercy of our fanatical creativity, we get to celebrate and inspire one another at these events.

Thanks to the pinnacle services of Bristols Riso specialists 16Tonne Press, Commonplace was able to unveil a beautiful new Risogrpah printed zine at BCZF. Things You Can See on a Bike is the first in a new series published by Commonplace. These zines aim to break down stigmas, to promote positivity and understanding by sharing stories of those facing the adversity of challenging health conditions. TYCSOAB is a journal of a bike packing trip taken over a hot summers week in June. Dream like images shot on 35mm are complemented by text that is part prose, part information about the impacts of the trip on the riders, siblings who both have type 1 diabetes.

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