We are a small press based in Bath self-publishing photozines and art books. An interest in documenting change through exploring environments and  photographic story telling is prevalent in the books we publish.

We often find ourselves drawn to the underreported elements of everyday life. Fascinated by these overlooked individualisms, we strive to reinterpret them through aesthetic styles, whilst provoking conversations about identity and the social relevance of documentary practice.

The decision to self publish was taken due to its practical nature, allowing us full control of the editing process through to print and distribution. Keeping costs at a fair price is essential to us as it allows us to reach a wider community of artists and collectors.

Commonplace has started quarterly meet ups in Bath that are open to those with an interest in self-publishing zines and art books. Each meeting we invite a guest speaker to share their experiences of self-publishing, followed by a group discussion of works in progress. Please keep an eye out for these.

We print our zines locally on recycled uncoated paper and remain aware of our impact on the environment.

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